IP Networks:

In today’s world, our business needs reliable networks powered by the newest technologies.

An efficient and reliable network will support and enhance your growing business without disrupting your employees’ day-to-day activities.

Koinonia Provides: 

Layer 3 Network Services :

  • Design business networks utilising Cisco and Juniper routers.
  • Designing site to site and multi-site Virtual Private Networks to meet business needs.
  • Configuring Cisco and Juniper routers.
  • Using multiple routing protocols as required to achieve efficient network connectivity.
  • Installing and Commissioning Cisco and Juniper routers.

LAN Switching Services :

  • Design Campus LAN switching utilising Cisco and Juniper switches.
  •  Using Cisco’s scalable design methodology of Core, Distribution and Access Layers where required;
  • Configuring Cisco and Juniper switches; and
  • Installing and Commissioning Cisco and Juniper switches.



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