Our key areas of service are:

·         Indoor and Outdoor Coverage and Solutions installation. 

·         Mobile Base Station, Antenna and feeder Installation.

·         Microwave Design, Implementation, Testing and Commissioning.

·         Upgrading, Protecting, Swapping Links

·         Coaxial Feeder, Optical Fibre and Hybrid Cable Installation

·         Sweep Test Analysis

·         Site Survey and Audits

·         RF optimization and drive test

·         Network Maintenance and Managed Services

·         DC power systems installation and maintenance

·         Designing Tower footings, Shelter Foundations and Steel Mounts

·         Checking the Adequacy of Existing Poles and Towers

·         On-Call Network Fault Finding and Troubleshooting

·         Logistics Management

·         Technical support

About Koinonia


KOINONIA is a multinational company specialized in delivering high quality skilled resources and outsourcing services to the telecommunications industry.


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Address: 36/65 Marigold St, Revesby, NSW 2212

Phone: +61 2 8003 3339

Email: info@koinoniaenterprises.com.au

Website: www.koinoniaenterprises.com.au

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