Our slogan ‘We Connect the unconnected’ is underpinned by an industry recognition for being “The Best in the Business”, and an endorsement that we do provide expert technical and practical recommendations for your requirements. A team of experienced and well-trained staff is on hand to offer suggestions for any installation problem. Our procedures guarantee continuity in service and quality and this is validated by our on-going commitment to staff training focused on the delivery of customer satisfaction through safe work practices and competitive services. Next time your in the city or on one of Brisbane’s busy roads look around and take note of any cable installers you see, most likely they’ll be hard to spot as most don’t display a company name or logo. We at Koinonia are so proud of the job we do that each team member has a clearly visible uniform and each vehicle is clearly signed with our logo and contact number, right down to our safety barricades! This shows not only our clients but the general public that we take the job we do and their safety very seriously.

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KOINONIA is a multinational company specialized in delivering high quality skilled resources and outsourcing services to the telecommunications industry.

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Address: 36/65 Marigold St, Revesby, NSW 2212

Phone: +61 2 8003 3339

Email: info@koinoniaenterprises.com.au

Website: www.koinoniaenterprises.com.au

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