ARCIA Accredited Members
ARCIA Accreditation is a set of standards established by the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association. We are recognised providers of a standardised level of service and business practice. Therefore, is subject to the requisite ARCIA audits and approvals to ensure that we meet the levels expected of ARCIA Accredited Professionals. 


National access manholes and pits for the purpose of installing and operating cables and equipment.
TELSTRA Equipment Building Access (TEBA)
Access to floor space and other facilities such as security, electricity, cable trays and interconnection cables in Telstra exchange buildings, including installing and operating equipment for interconnection with Telstra and install radio communications equipment.
Koinonia staff is accredited to work in confined spaces and in Telstra Tunnel/Chamber networks.
Civil Construction Pit & Pipe (Telstra Approved) 
Copper & Fibre Cable Hauling (Telstra Approved)



Our staff

·                  Certified Prince II in Project Management Member & Certified by AIPM

·                  Work Safe Construction Induction Accredited

·                  ACMA Accredited with all endorsements.

·                  Telstra Pit, Pipe & Cable Hauling accredited.

·                  Telstra Tunnels Accredited

·                  Dogging, RB, RI and RA Accredited

·                  Broadcast Australia Accredited

We continue to ensure that our extensive range of Industry-developed or management system-based schemes remain relevant to our customers as a certified professional.

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KOINONIA is a multinational company specialized in delivering high quality skilled resources and outsourcing services to the telecommunications industry.

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